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Posted on 03 February 23 by Mat Peisert

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Job Description

‏Position Profile: Executive Director – Saint Paul Urban Tennis (SPUT)‏

‏kpCompanies is leading the search for the next Executive Director for Saint Paul Urban Tennis. This will be a highly visible and inspiring leader with the vision to move SPUT forward while building on its 30 years of success. Key areas include: strategy development and execution, fundraising, project management, building relationships, community outreach, team development and fiscal management.‏


‏THE ORGANIZATION: Saint Paul Urban Tennis ‏

‏Saint Paul Urban Tennis (SPUT) is a 501c3 public charity founded in 1991 to engage and empower youth for success on and off the court. It is part of the National Junior Tennis and Learning Network, founded by humanitarian Arthur Ashe, and supported by the USTA Foundation. SPUT serves over 2,000 students with tennis and educational programming annually, trains and employs over 75 youth workers each year and manages a Recreation Center on the east side of Saint Paul.‏



‏The Executive Director is an experienced and innovative leader who works closely with community leaders, the SPUT Board of Directors, and the SPUT staff to fulfill its mission of strengthening our community by educating and empowering youth to realize their full potential. The Executive Director manages day to day operations of the organization, including fundraising/development, human resources, planning, programs, finance, marketing and public relations.‏






‏Leadership/Community Outreach‏


‏Embrace the mission of Saint Paul Urban Tennis with passion and enthusiasm.‏

‏Actively engage and energize SPUT volunteers, board members, committees, staff, partnering organizations and funders.‏

‏Facilitate regular strategic planning and evaluation to ensure that the organization remains agile and efficient in meeting its mission.‏

‏Provide leadership in the development of team cohesiveness, sustaining culture and supporting staff during organizational growth.‏

‏Serve as the chief advocate for SPUT’s mission and serve as a spokesperson representing the organization.‏

‏Establish sound working relationships and cooperative arrangements with community groups and organizations.‏

‏Ensure appropriate representation of the organization in marketing content and by all persons affiliated with the organization.‏





‏Human Resources‏

‏Assess staffing structures, continually evaluate the propriety of that structure and make changes as appropriate. Recruit, lead, and release personnel, both paid staff and program volunteers.‏

‏Ensure that staff has the resources available to perform required responsibilities.‏

‏Ensure that job descriptions are developed, that regular performance evaluations are held, and that sound human resource practices are in place.‏

‏Encourage staff development and education, including the organization of an annual training of seasonal workers to ensure high quality programming.‏



‏Board Relations‏

‏Develop, maintain, and lead a strong board of directors, serving as an ex-officio member.‏

‏Serve as liaison between SPUT staff and its Board of Directors.‏

‏Assist the Board Chair and Executive Committee in preparing board agendas and materials.‏

‏Leverage the expertise and network of SPUT’s board of directors to advance strategic objectives. Make recommendations on board composition and prospective board and committee members.‏

‏Ensure that the board is kept informed on the condition of the organization and all important factors influencing it.‏

‏Facilitate the orientation of new board members and ongoing education of all board members to effectively carry out duties.‏

‏Maintain knowledge of effective Board practices and recommend adjustments, as appropriate.‏







‏In cooperation with the Treasurer, Finance Committee and external accountant, develop and maintain sound financial practices and make recommendations to continue ongoing financial position strength.‏

‏Manage bi-weekly payroll and issue checks on behalf of the organization.‏

‏Oversee external accountant performance.‏

‏Coordinate annual financial statement audit and Form 990 tax return preparation.‏

‏Work with the staff and board in preparing the annual operating budget. Ensure that the organization operates within budget guidelines.‏





‏Oversee overall Information Technology systems performance.‏

‏Ensure customer service excellence at all levels of the organization and be available to address customer concerns.‏

‏Assist the board of directors in developing policy and procedures which empower staff to execute day to day responsibilities.‏

‏Ensure compliance with federal and state government reporting requirements.‏

‏Ensure that adequate information systems are in place to evaluate programs and cultivate donor relationships.‏

‏Jointly with designated officers of the board of directors, conduct official correspondence of the organization and execute legal documents.‏

‏Cultivate vendor relationships and execute all contracts for service and major purchases.‏

‏Support Program Managers in the development of program logic models and budgets.‏

‏Advance SPUT’s mission through extending program reach and deepening program impact.‏

‏Ensure ongoing programmatic excellence through data-driven decision making.‏





‏Below are some of the typical requirements for an Executive Director. We recognize that skill sets can be a complex combination of experiences. Even if your background does not exactly match these requirements but you have a passion for our work, we would love to hear from you and we recognize the value of transferable skills.‏

‏Bachelor’s Degree in related field or equivalent experience‏

‏Experience in fundraising‏

‏ Passion for sport-based youth development and education‏

‏ Understanding of association management and non-profit organizations‏

‏ Demonstrated credible and ethical character‏

‏ Proven skills in onboarding, developing, managing, and evaluating staff and volunteer teams‏

‏ Ability to motivate staff and volunteers in pursuit of program excellence and innovation‏

‏ Strong work ethic and organizational skills‏

‏ Experience leveraging organizational assets and developing revenue streams‏

‏ Understanding of effective program design, implementation and evaluation‏

‏ Experience setting budgets, monitoring cash flow, and producing financial reports‏

‏ Demonstrated comfort using new technologies to improve operations‏





‏Interested candidates should submit cover letter, resume, and salary expectations no later than 9:00pm on ‏‏Friday, February 24th, 2023‏‏. You can apply in the following ways:‏

‏1. Apply via email to Mat Peisert at mat@kpcompanies.com.‏

‏2. Apply online at: https://evoportalus.tracker-rms.com/kpCompanies/apply?jobcode=1081‏


‏Equity & Salary Disclosure‏

‏We believe in practices that create real equity and pay parity regardless of background or identity and we freely discuss compensation with all qualified candidates the first time we interview them. Saving the salary discussion for the first conversation allows us to fully understand the needs of each candidate and to ensure that qualified candidates, even those who’ve historically been overlooked and/or underpaid, don’t self-select out of the processes based on salary alone, as our experience and research suggests. In addition to those who opt out because they fear the salary may be out of reach for them, we equally don’t want to miss out on conversations with candidates who are slightly over the range when in some cases the total compensation including factors such as bonuses, flexibility, and better health benefits, etc may exceed expectations. Finally, as a search firm – we are always looking for top-notch talent to introduce to our clients. Should the salary or any other requirement not be a fit, there is often a chance that someone on our team is working on another position you may be a better fit for. If you would like to discuss your qualifications for this role as well as discuss salary and compensation - just give us a call, we’d be happy to discuss!‏


‏All submissions received in strictest confidence. Both kpCompanies and Saint Paul Urban Tennis are equal opportunity employers.‏


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