Laboratory Technician

Posted on 28 June 24 by Cody Gue

  • Jackson, OH
  • $ - $

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Job Description

**Job Description: Contract Laboratory Technician**

**Location:** Jackson, OH

**Position Type:** Contract

- Conduct routine laboratory tests and analyses
- Prepare and maintain laboratory equipment and instruments
- Record and analyze data, ensuring accuracy and precision
- Follow standard operating procedures (SOPs) and safety guidelines
- Assist in the development and validation of new testing methods
- Perform quality control checks and maintain detailed documentation
- Collaborate with team members to ensure efficient workflow and project completion

**Skills Required:**
- Proficiency in laboratory techniques and procedures
- Experience with laboratory equipment and instrumentation
- Strong attention to detail and accuracy
- Ability to follow SOPs and safety protocols
- Excellent data recording and analysis skills
- Good communication and teamwork abilities
- Familiarity with quality control procedures
- Problem-solving skills and ability to troubleshoot equipment issues

Job Information

Rate / Salary

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Skills / Experience

- Previous laboratory experience preferred- Knowledge of relevant software and data management systems


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