Certified Surgical Tech

Posted on 16 August 23 by Naomi Fortuna

  • las Vegas, NV, Nevada
  • $100000 - $110000 per Annum

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Job Description



We are looking for a qualified Surgical Technologist to assist our Surgeons with operations in our facility. You will be tasked with preparing and sterilizing the operating rooms and all equipment before procedures begin.  

A Surgical Technician is a medical professional who assists Surgeons during procedures by preparing operating rooms, sterilizing equipment, and maintaining a sterile environment. They work with the surgical team to ensure a smooth surgical process and provide support as needed.  


  • Prepare the operating room for upcoming surgeries .
  • Sterilize equipment and stock up any necessary supplies .
  • Prepare patients for their procedures.
  • Sterilize equipment and hand surgeons instruments upon request.
  • Order and take inventory of supplies and maintain files and records of procedures .
  • Serves as scrub person for basic surgical procedures and participates in complex surgical procedures as needed.
  • Follows department procedures for scrub persons by assembling surgical packs, supplies and instruments for surgical cases and preparing operating room for surgery.
  • Inspects instruments and power equipment prior to use to assure operational order and troubleshoots, reports, and removes faulty instrument and equipment from service.
  • Assures adequate amount of appropriate supplies and instrumentation are available in accordance with surgeon’s preference and counts all instruments, needles, and sponges with registered nurse according to procedure.
  • Inventories and monitors instruments, sponges and needles on operative field using department count procedures.
  •  Adjusts instrumentation and supplies to changes in procedures and patient condition.
  • Assists with monitoring and reporting blood and fluid loss during cases.
  • Ascertains correctness of count prior to closure of body cavities and surgical wound. Assist circulating nurse with restocking the room at end of shift.
  • Anticipates surgeon’s needs and assists surgeon by draping patients, holding/passing instruments, retractors, sutures, and medications, applying surgical dressings, suctioning and sponging surgical wounds, holding extremities, and moving patients.
  • Recognizes and reports emergency situations.
  • Adjusts priorities and participates in resolving problems as appropriate.
  • Assists in identification, labeling and proper specimen disposition using departmental procedures.
  • Performs or assists in sterile preps as needed/requested by monitoring aseptic techniques of surgical team members at field, reporting and correcting breaks in sterile technique immediately, and controlling location of contaminated instruments and supplies.
  • Maintains appropriate quantities of surgical supplies and equipment by restocking room with necessary equipment and supplies and apprises supervisor of special requests for surgical supplies and equipment.
  • Assists with decontamination of all equipment, instruments, and supplies as necessary and assists with cleaning rooms, furniture, and equipment according to established procedures .   

Requirements and skills

  • Proven work experience as a Surgical Technician or similar role
  • Experience with instrumentation in the operating room
  • Strong understanding of surgical technology and surgical procedure
  • Knowledge of medical terminology
  • Passionate about patient care
  • A graduate of an accredited surgical technologist program and Surgical Technician certification

Benefits and Salary

  • 1099 Full-Time- Surgical Technician/ Medical Assistant
  • Health, Vision, Dental §  401k, Retirement Benefits
  • Paid Vacations
  • Monday-Friday (08:00-17:00)
  • Competitive Salary

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$100000 - $110000 per Annum




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