Network Engineer

Posted on 16 November 23 by Matt Owens

  • Phoenix, AZ
  • $58 - $68 per Hour

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Job Description

Title: Network Engineer
Location: Remote – Located on West Coast (travel required)
Type: Contract – 1 year

We are actively searching for a security-focused Network Engineer who will frequently travel to Alaska sites, initially accounting for approximately 25% of the workload during the first 6 months. The core responsibilities of this position involve on-site duties such as encompassing the compilation of lists detailing OT designated and network-connected devices, as well as the formulation of segmentation strategies. Furthermore, this role requires the availability to provide immediate next day support for swift issue resolution following any incidents arising from changes implemented during the previous night.

Note: The selected candidate will benefit from per diem reimbursement and comprehensive company-funded coverage of travel expenses, encompassing flights and hotel accommodations. Estimated trip length is 1 to 2 weeks on-site.

Your role:

  • Strategically plan and execute the segmentation of operational equipment at Alaska sites, ensuring swift and effective remediation as necessary.
  • Oversee the monitoring of inbound and outbound device filtering to maintain network security and compliance.
  • Collaborate with key business stakeholders, providing on-site support and fostering effective communication in Alaska.
  • Report to Operations or the local IT Manager when working on-site, maintaining alignment with operational objectives.
  • When not engaged in travel, establish, and manage traditional perimeter firewall configurations and local segmentation at operational sites.
  • This role plays a critical part in ensuring the security and operational efficiency of Alaska sites, making it an integral component of the team.

What you’ve got:

  • Profound expertise and knowledge in firewall management and SD-WAN technologies.
  • Proficiency in utilizing the Meraki Platform to optimize network performance.
  • Demonstrated experience in micro-segmenting complex environments to enhance network security.
  • Prior exposure to refinery operation technology devices, ensuring familiarity with the specific requirements of industrial networks.
  • Strong grasp of IP addressing and network segmentation principles, enabling effective network design and management.

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$58 - $68 per Hour




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