Health Safety Specialist

Posted on 23 October 23 by Heather Simoens

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Job Description

Health Safety Specialist

This role will actively contribute towards the companies sites achieving a continuous improvement model of health and safety, and lead, promote and develop safety and health related functions in accordance with statutory requirements, the companies values, standards, policies, and procedures.

  • Support a proactive health and safety (H&S) culture within the Greenfields Exploration (GFX) team.
  • Ensure rapid and effective communication of incidents to the Exploration Manager.
  • Support implementation and enforcement of exploration protocols and procedures to safely and responsibly manage operations.
  • Monitor and recommend improvements to enhance the effectiveness of the HSE management system, and requisite behavior's and practices.
  • Support identification of H&S risks and resolution of emerging issues, escalating issues and H&S risks that impact other areas.
  • Model behavior's that is consistent with the companies H&S Vision, Values, and Procedures
Organizational Culture:
  • Support the Exploration Manager to implement the vision, performance expectations and desired culture for the team.
  • Proactive identification, coordination and implementation of initiatives to support a positive sustainability and culture.
  • Support efficient and prompt communication of any changes, issues or other areas of interest relevant to reporting or support groups.
  • Contribute to effective team communication to maximize team efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Co-design, communicate and implement an annual plan for improving safety and health performance via proactively identifying and addressing areas of risk and opportunity with a view to informing and developing longer term H&S strategies. This will involve working with the VP Project Compliance and the regional exploration management team.
  • Support the Exploration Manger to develop H&S aspects of the long-term exploration strategy.
  • Collaborate with exploration teams to schedule risk and opportunity assessments and ensure outcomes(identified hazards and appropriate controls) are incorporated into work programs.
  • Work with key stakeholders and contract managers (e.g. drilling & geophysical contractors) to ensure personnel are medically assessed (fit-for-work), appropriately onboarded and approved for site.
  • Work with key stakeholders and GFX contract managers (e.g. drilling & geophysical contractors) to ensure personnel are aware of GFX H&S risk assessment outcomes and required controls.
  • Provide monthly and quarterly reports on H&S related activities, issues and performance against plans.
  • Complete necessary statutory H&S reports and ensure accurate internal reporting of H&S performance.
  • Support the Exploration Manager to provide reports and presentations as needed.
  • Prepare timely and accurate detailed reports, maps, plans and sections to meet management, stakeholder and JV requirements.
  • Provide professional safety and health advice to the Exploration Manager.
  • Promote the integration of H&S factors into all business decisions.
  • Provide advice to ensure that all exploration is conducted in accordance with statutory requirements and other safety and health obligations.
  • Conduct audits, meetings, training, seminars and other activities designed to enhance H&S awareness as prescribed by company policies and procedures.
  • Provide visible leadership to improve safety and health risk identification, reporting and incident management.
  • Liaise with relevant stakeholders (e.g. drilling & geophysical contractors) to ensure that they comply with the company H&S standards.
  • Support the Exploration Manager to provide data, reports and presentations as needed or in line with operational requirements.
  • Lead and assist with the development and implementation of H&S procedures, training packages and guidelines.
  • Facilitate incident investigations as required. Ensure investigations are conducted in a fair and transparent manner following company procedures for incident investigation.
  • Facilitate sharing of incident investigation outcomes with other GFX regions and relevant sites.
  • Work with Database and GIS team to implement and maintain a system for H&S data capture (inspections, audits, hazard reporting, Take 5’s, etc.) and visualization of H&S metrics. Measure progress against plan and communicate progress to Exploration Manager and regional GFX team members.
  • Participate in Continuous Improvement:
  • Regularly review systems and procedures within your area to maximize effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Maintain high quality of exploration safety and health information, with a view to continually improve data quality.
  • Work with Database and GIS team to continually update and improve H&S data capture processes and visualization of H&S metrics
Education & Qualifications:
  • Associate degree in sustainability or related field. Work experience in lieu of a degree will be considered.
  • Valid driver’s license 
  • First Aid certificate equivalent or better, or willingness to undertake first aid training.
  • MSHA certified.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Minimum 5, but typically 7+ years’ experience in exploration mining
  • Ability to adapt to remote working and living conditions.

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